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Ocean Mail Server Torrent Download is a free, easy to use mail server that makes web based administration a breeze. Ocean Mail Server Cracked Accounts is an easy to use and secure mail server. Easy to install and configure.Ocean Mail Server is easy to use. To get your mail server up and running with minimal effort, you can either choose to use the web based administration interface or use the mail server administration program as a graphical interface. Ocean Mail Server is a powerful mail server. Ocean Mail Server is built to support the most complex and demanding setups.Ocean Mail Server is a secure mail server. Ocean Mail Server comes with a complete suite of security measures that can be easily adjusted and enabled or disabled according to your environment needs. Ocean Mail Server is easy to maintain. There are many built-in reports for administration that are simple to use, whether you are installing the first time or the hundredth time. Ocean Mail Server has excellent performance. Ocean Mail Server is built with powerful configuration tools and robust I/O. Ocean Mail Server is developed by experienced software experts for use in demanding environments.Ocean Mail Server Features:■ SMTP - Secure SMTP is fully supported, providing protection against attacks such as smptp-relay, smtp-auth, smtp-dsn and smtp-tls■ POP3 - Use your mail client as you normally do to read and reply to your mail. There is no difference to the way you use your mail client to read mail■ Remote Admin - Ocean Mail Server provides a web-based management interface that you can access from any web browser. Take control of your mail server from any location. This allows you to install and administer your mail server from anywhere with internet access■ Outgoing Mails - With advanced settings you can define the address of the mail server that will receive your outgoing mail■ Configure system to use IMAP4 or can use Exchange 2007 or 2003 without a conversion. This product is delivered in two files, one containing the normal extension for the file type and the second containing the body of the file; make sure you rename the extension to.INI■ IP Restrictions - Security restrictions are provided for the transfer of data to and from mail server, allowing you to limit the number of servers that can make connections and the amount of data that can be transferred per connection■ Protecting your credentials - Ocean Mail Server allows you to maintain and administer your mail server using your own email credentials 08929e5ed8

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