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   New York, United States

An Emerging LGBTQ+ World- Proud Experiences

Aisha Shaibu discusses the emerging world of LGBTQ+ travel  – The challenges new LGBTQ+ focused destinations are facing with the emergence of new travel products, approaches and customer interests. Moderated by Sophie Griffins (TTG Media), panelist: Francesco Galli: Paul Gauger: Romey Louangvilay


The masterclass provides a profile overview of the LGBTQ+ travel market today, helping you formulate relevant marketing strategies and initiatives that are effective and generate ROI. Findings from ‘CMI’s 23rd Annual LGBTQ+ Tourism Research Study’ will be presented with a high-level discussion answering the question: “Who is the LGBTQ+ traveller?” Drilling down into the market’s profile (single/couples/families/young/mature), this panel will look at best practice in targeting and engaging with this community.

PROUD Experiences is the first of its kind. An international three-day event bringing together travel suppliers and buyers as well as lifestyle brands targeting the LGBTQ+ community.

Proud Experiences 2019 Edition

estrangeira article.jpg

6 Dec 2019   Published by Estrangeira (Portugal)

Eu fui apresentada a este mundo de bares secretos em Londres na minha última viagem à cidade, a convite do Visit Britain. E foi sem dúvida a descoberta mais legal da viagem. Bares que você só pode entrar com uma senha, agendando com antecedência, chamando por uma cabine telefônica… São bares com passagens secretas e segredos que você terá que desvendar.

Eu fiz o tour When Night Falls in London/Secret Bar Tour da Moonlight Experiences, uma pequena empresa que organiza experiências muito legais, mais focadas no público LGBT. Mas esse tour é perfeito para qualquer viajante que queira conhecer lugares especiais.


A idealizadora (e nossa guia) foi a Aisha, uma mulher maravilhosa, inteligente, simpática e que sabe tudo de Londres! Ela inclusive passou uma temporada no Brasil trabalhando nas Olimpíadas e arrisca um pouco de português.


Aisha Shaibu , LGBTQ+ activist, gay tours, Queer nigtlife

31 October  2017             Published by Perc360

Airbnb is now much more than just short-term rentals

'Aisha explains that the experience is like no other and can even involve secret bars and dance battles'

By Amelia Weiss 


Now Jakarta.jpg

5 August 2018              Published by: NOW! Jakarta

Shoreditch, Where Everything is Cool and Hip!

'I am not opposed to the idea of a guided tour, in particular, if it is a good one!.. I was fortunate to meet Aisha..There is no better way to explore a city than with a local


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Feb  2020        Published byBarbieturix (France)

Political Activism Panel-LGBT 2020 Edition 

Industry leaders meet in the edition of LGBT Talents 2020 in Paris, France.

Is an inspiring all day event launched in 2016 by ESCAPE, a 15 years old association for students, alumni and professors interested in the topics of diversity and equality at ESCP Europe Business School.

LGBT Talents’ aim is to gather students, professionals, and activists to debate on key issues pertaining to LGBT+ inclusion at work and the issues they may face in the world. By bringing multiple stakeholders together, LGBT Talents wishes to foster a more inclusive environment for all and start important discussions via 3 types of events: The Summit, the Afterworks, and the Masterclasses.

LGBT Talents 2020 Editiion

Aisha Shaibu , LGBTQ+ activist, gay tours, Queer nigtlife

6 February 2019        Published by Mister B & B

When Night Falls in London: a feature on host Aisha

In three words, Aisha describes her experience as unique, diverse, and authentic, and we couldn’t agree more. For an entire evening, participants will explore London’s queer culture through underground events, hidden gems, and enriching stories of the past and present. We wanted to get the inside scoop from Aisha about what people can expect from her tour, and what motivated her to create this unique experience - she shares her story here.    

By Lachlan

Pride London, LGBTQ nightlif, Aisha Shaibu , LGBTQ+ activist, gay tours, Queer nigtlife

5 June 2018                           published by Airbnb

Airbnb Reveals London as the Top City for Tinder Dating and Travel in 2018

Through a specially commissioned study*, the people-powered hospitality platform with a mission to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere, has found out which destinations have the most to offer LGBTQ travelers. The study looked at 100 cities with the highest Pride attendance worldwide and found out which of these fared best under five different LGBTQ categories, including nightlife and dating.

By Airbnb

Pride London, gay bars, Soho, things to do, LGBTQ nightlif, Aisha Shaibu , LGBTQ+ activist, gay tours, Queer nigtlife

20  November 2017  Published by:Travel Perspectives

The best social media seminars at World Travel Market 2017

Why destinations have to change how they sell themselves

AirBnb and Visit Sweden have worked together to sell the country while Visit Jersey is leaning heavily on video content served up alongside life accommodation and tour offers. AirBnb has also launched Trips, turning hosts into centres of information. Is this hybrid model the way forward?

Steve Keenan

Barbieturix pix.jpg

Feb  2020        Published byBarbieturix (France)

Interviw ith Aisha Shaibu

Militante LGBTQ+ qui défend l’intégration, la diversité et l’égalité à Londres, Aisha Shaibu travaille avec diverses organisations telles que UK Black Pride et London Queer Fashion Show. Soutenir les événements, les organismes de bienfaisance, les artistes et les lieux de spectacles queer locaux est au cœur de la création de son entreprise sociale : les soirées « Moonlight Experiences», (anciennement appelées “When Night Falls”).

Barbieturix: Beaucoup de gens ont pensé à créer des lieux ou entreprises qui permettent aux touristes LGBTQ +  de se réunir, mais très peu le font réellement. Pourquoi t’es-tu lancée ?

Aisha : J’ai commencé mon expérience de la vie nocturne LGBTQ+ ‘Moonlight Experiences’ il y a plus de deux ans. Mon parcours de création de la plateforme s’est déroulé de façon assez organique en raison de ma passion pour l’accueil et l’intégration au sein de la communauté queer de Londres. En tant que voyageuse passionnée, j’ai pensé qu’il était nécessaire de créer une plateforme comme la mienne parce que j’avais reconnu le besoin de me sentir en sécurité surtout la nuit en tant que femme noire queer. En voyage, il est également important d’avoir une expérience authentique dans de nouveaux pays.

By Carole Stephane

proud exp 2018.jpg

 2018                Published by OutThere Travel Mag

Proud Experiences + OutThere: Aisha Shaibu

Aisha attends the first Proud Experiences in London and highlights the importance of attending as a Black lesbian woman.

By Uwern Jong



Pride London, gay bars, Soho, things to do, LGBTQ nightlif, Aisha Shaibu , LGBTQ+ activist, gay tours, Queer nigtlife

13 June 2018

10 Most Popular LGBTQ Experiences for Pride Around the World

From walking tours of Montreal to karaoke in Seoul, the site has nearly 50 opportunities available for this Pride month. These are the 10 most popular.

By Tim Chester

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